Full Arch Implant Restoration

Full arch implant reconstruction with a fixed restoration can provide a tremendous boost to your quality of life.

It can also be a long process with multiple procedures and significant costs if there is a need for onlay block and/or sinus grafting.  We understand this and have implemented a new treatment protocol in our practice called All-On-4™ (Nobel Biocare) to address your patients concerns and provide them with an exciting and more accessible treatment option.

The All-On-4™ procedure allows for a fixed restoration in both the maxilla and mandible on just 4 implants, without the need for grafting in most cases, and with immediate function.  This has resulted in a tremendous savings for the patient, much less surgical trauma, very short treatment times, and phenomenal patient acceptance and satisfaction.

The protocol is based on the concept of tilting the distal implants up to as much as 45 degrees to decrease the distal cantilever while allowing the implants to be longer and engage more cortical bone, such as the piriform rim in the maxilla.  Previous prevailing thought was that severely tilted implants would have a higher failure rate, and while this is still true of single implant restorations, newer research by Dr. Palo Malo in Portugal has shown that tilting the distal implants in a multi-unit system actually loads the implants more axially than a vertical implant.

This also allows for a smaller cantilever which decreases overall forces, while avoiding the maxillary sinus and the inferior alveolar nerve.  This provides for a fixed prosthesis in the maxilla without sinus lift grafting and in the mandible without posterior onlay block grafting.